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In the complex world of HDMI technology, the need for reliable tech support has never been greater. At Ethereal, we understand the crucial importance of reliable tech support. We prioritize continuous improvement by actively gathering feedback from the field. Regardless of the experience level of integrators and engineers, Ethereal acknowledges that HDMI compatibility problems can arise. Ethereal’s HDMI cables are highly regarded by industry leaders for their exceptional performance. Our technical support team remains up-to-date with the latest developments in the evolving HDMI standard and is available seven days a week from 8am to 10pm to provide prompt assistance. Additionally, the company actively engages in online integrator forums, offering advice on competitor products to gain insights into industry issues.

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Since our very inception, Ethereal has been a trailblazer, and we take pride in consistently redefining the industry and setting new standards for excellence. Our astounding portfolio boasts over 1200 product SKUs to date and is continually growing, a testament to our commitment to innovation and versatility. We’re thrilled to have an impressive list of patents, showcasing our groundbreaking ideas and solutions. Additionally, the numerous industry awards we’ve earned are a humbling recognition of our outstanding contributions and impact. As we forge ahead, we remain dedicated to shaping the landscape of innovation, and our position as true pioneers in the industry.


Industry First American Made HDMI 5Gbps Cable Tester: EE-HDMITESTER

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Industry First American Made HDMI 5Gbps Cable Repeater: HDMI-SR1

Industry First HDMI 5Gbps 30 Meter Cable w/Repeater: HDMI-SR30

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Industry First American Made HDMI 5Gbps Zero Loss repeater Wall Plate: HDMI-WP1: HDMI-WP1

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Industry First American Made HDMI 5Gbps EDID Repair Tool: HDMI-DAD

Press Release

Industry First American Made HDMI 5Gbps Extender over Cat/5: HDMI-CAT5

Industry First American Made HDMI 5Gbps Zero Loss Wall Plate w/EDID repair: HDMI-WP11

Press Release

Industry First American Made HDMI 5Gbps Extender Wall Plate Style over Cat/5 (Dual): HDMI-5D

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Industry First American Made HDMI 5Gbps Surge Protection: HDM-SP

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Industry First HDMI 5Gbps Cable Repeater w/ EDID Repair: HDM-SR1A

Industry First HDBaseT with Chassis Ventilation and Chipset Heatsink: IHT-CAT6EXTS


Industry First American Made HDMI 18Gbps Cable Repeater: HDM-GA1

Press Release


Industry First American Made HDMI 18Gbps TMDS, 5 Volt and Hot Plug Voltage and Current Inserter: HDM-ACVS

Press Release

Industry First American Made HDMI EDID Repair Tool w/Hot Plug Reset: HDM-AIO

Press Release

Industry First American Made HDMI 18Gbps Hot Plug Voltage Interrupt control: HDM-VCT

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Industry First HDMI 48Gbps Cable Repeater: HDM-GA2

Press Release

Industry First HDMI 18Gbps 10 Meter Passive Cable: EHV-HDP10-R2

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Industry First HDMI 48Gbps EDID Repair Tool: HDM-JR3

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Industry First HDMI 48Gbps Surge Protection: HDM-SP3

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Industry First HDMI 48Gbps 8 Meter Passive Cable: EHV-HDUP8

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Meet our team of experts in innovation and development.

At Ethereal, we understand that integrators facing complex issues cannot rely on overseas call centers with scripted guides. That’s why we have established an exceptional and award-winning technical support team. Each member of our team specializes in a specific area and actively contributes to product development within their category, ensuring they possess deep expertise to tackle even the most challenging problems. When it comes to system setup, our team is trusted to deliver seamless solutions from start to finish. Our sales representatives are not only well-informed about our own products but also stay up to date on competing products in the market and the difficulties installers encounter in the field. They possess firsthand experience in custom integration, having installed home theater systems, worked in challenging environments like hot attics, and overcome various job-related obstacles. We believe that our commitment to technical support and customer service sets us apart from the competition. By actively listening to feedback from our customers, we can develop innovative solutions that meet their needs and surpass their expectations.

John Feldman headshot
John Feldman
Director of Business Development
Maurice Soto headshot
Maurice Soto
Director of International Sales
Bob Pancari headshot
Bob Pancari
National Account Manager + Northeast/Midwest Territory Sales Manager
Ray Sanchez headshot
Ray Sanchez
Southeast Territory Sales Manager
Nick Koulouris Headshot
Nick Koulouris
South Region (TOLA) Territory Sales Manager
Photo of Mickey Ural
Mickey Ural
TOLA Regional Sales

Stewart Denton headshot
Stewart Denton
Director of New Product Development and Support
Brent Mccall headshot
Brent McCall
Tech Support + R&D
Management Team
Sales Team
Tech Support Team


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